Nick Marinos

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Nick Marinos

Nick graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine. Since a young age Nick had always participated in a wide range of sports, fitness and weightlifting. Unfortunately, Nick experienced multiple injuries from playing soccer and weightlifting. After numerous failed attempts at treatment, Nick was fortunate enough to see a Podiatrist. This is when Nick received his first pair of orthotics and was back to squatting and playing soccer in no time.

Over the years, Nick developed a keen interest in biomechanics, soft tissue injuries and rehabilitation. This drive and motivation lead Nick to acquire both a Diploma of Fitness and a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine, making him an astute practitioner of the lower limb.

As an athlete, Nick understands the impact injuries have on physical and mental well-being, and how crucial it is to get back to doing what you love. Through extensive and thorough examination, Nick will focus on treating the cause of the injury and provide you with injury prevention strategies to improve your quality of life.

Nick will work with you to individually tailor a treatment plan to manage your:

  • Biomechanical concerns
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Sport related injuries
  • Skin and nail conditions (callus, corns, blisters and fungal nails)
  • Ingrown toe nails
  • Diabetic foot

Nick will also provide tailored treatment plans and preventative strategies which may include:

  • Prescription of corrective foot orthotics (to fit fashion shoes/business/sports)
  • Off the shelf orthotics
  • Shockwave therapy for chronic soft tissue injuries
  • Dry needling and massage
  • Strapping techniques
  • Rehabilitation
  • Stretching and strengthening programs
  • Footwear advice