Remove The Allergens In Your Home

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Remove The Allergens In Your Home

Remove The Allergens In Your Home

If you have seasonal allergies or allergic asthma, your home can be a health hazard. Removing allergens may just make all the difference to your health and well-being.

No one wants to feel like their home is making them sick. However, as those with seasonal allergies and allergic asthma will know, it just as well could be. If you’re coughing, sneezing, experiencing shortness of breath or feel unwell, it’s time to act. Look at your home from a critical point of view and remove anything that may be harbouring allergens.

The first place to start is your bedroom. You spend at least eight hours asleep in it each night; therefore, if there were a room that needs the most attention, it’s the bedroom. Once a week, wash all bedding in warm water, and replace natural bedding products like feather duvets with synthetic, instead. Your mattress is equally as guilty of being a cause of allergens so cover it with a dust-mite-proof cover.

Flooring may harbour more allergens than you think. Where possible, opt for hardwood floors, or use a vacuum cleaner with a high-efficiency filter at least once per week.

Curtains can get quite dusty, so invest in washable drapes and make a habit of wiping down blinds. Dust can be a significant source of irritation, so if you have a lot of ornaments and decorations as well, consider storing these away. They gather dust quickly and may not be helping your allergies in the slightest.

When it comes to your furry friends, you may need to make some sacrifices. If your pet is known be the cause of your allergies, consider keeping them out of shared spaces, bathing them once a week to reduce moulting, or instead, have a hypoallergenic pet.

Creating an allergen-free home can be tough, but it can be worth it for the benefit of your health. If your allergies or allergic asthma are causing you concern, seek help from your GP.